What About Bob?

What About Bob?

July 25 – Bob Leaves a Good First Impression
We try out a drummer named Bob. He’s got years of experience, an O.K. drum set, and a pretty good meter. He seems to catch on quick. John gives him a tape to listen to and asks him to come back next week. We will be able to make a better decision after we see how he sounds with some time to learn the tunes.

August 29th Bob blows his first impression
After spending weeks doing the same songs the same wrong way, the band helps Bob learn some songs at practice. It turns out that Bob forgot to mention during the interview process that he can’t practice at home. Consequently, the past month has been spent doing the same 8 songs over and over. At the end of this practice, the first five are close to being complete. John insists that we must practice at home. For the second week in a row, he offers Bob the opportunity to come over and use his set during the week. Bob also mentions that he is currently working Saturday nights. This is the total opposite of what the band is looking for. The goal is to practice at home, put the finishing touches on at practice, and play out on Saturdays. Bob does not fit this plan.

September 7 – Booting Bob
John 98% fires Bob when he once again does not show to practice during the week. The band starts to look for a drum set for a friend of John’s named Jesse. Jesse joined the air force and sold his old set. Now he’s out of the force and has no set. The band looks to possibly rent to own a set that costs $800. This is a little too costly, and other options will be investigated. A date for September 12 is set to go “Drum shopping.” The band will get to meet Jesse

September 13- Jesse Becomes part of the Project
The band meets Jesse and family. Jesse plays Bob’s set. After only hearing snippets of the songs, Jesse plays many of the songs better than Bob. He kicks ass (even though he has not really played for 6 years). Dave has spotted a 6 piece CB700 drum set with cymbals for $500. After looking around some stores in Canton, the band travels to 2203 Plymouth lane in Cuyahoga falls to purchase the set from a guy named Joe. The band puts up the cash for the set. Jesse’s future cuts of gig money will be put towards paying off the set. At that point, Jesse will own the set.
Jesse announces that he can’t practice at home, but unlike Bob, Jesse seems to catch on very quickly. The future appears optimistic. The band is united in a goal. If we do not play out, we do not get our money back on the drum set. INSTANT MOTIVATION!

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