Third Man Out

Third Man Out

June 8th – Dale’s Second Practice (Strike Two)
Dale’s second practice. Dale brings an attitude with him to practice. It’s obvious to the band that Dale’s hasn’t practiced since the last meeting. He control’s what is practiced and what is not. The practice is cut short as Dale admits he isn’t as prepared as he thought. The band starts to question their drummer selection. There is talk of moving the practices to Dale’s house. The next practice will tell what the next move will be.

June 12th -Strike Three He’s Out
Dave picks up the phone and hears John’s voice. He immediately knows there is going to be a twist to practice (possibly moved to Dale’s). John starts off with, “Well I guess we weren’t the only ones that felt like Dale was the third man out.” “He bailed,” Dave answers. John confirms, “He bailed.” Dave answers back, “I’m glad I didn’t erase the magic drummer tape.” They talk for a little while. Everyone involves knows that in the long run, this is probably for the better. However, they find ourselves back at square one.

July 18 – Kevin the Confused Guitarist/Drummer
We try out a drummer named Kevin who is really a guitar player. He’s been playing a drum set (that sounds like shit) for 3 months. Consequently, he sounds like a guy who’s been playing for three months -NEXT!

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