The Return of Yoko

The Return of Yoko

October 12 – Wagons East
John, Kevin, and Dave move all the equipment to Kevin’s basement which has much, much more room. They hook up all the P.A. system, and it sounds much better. Dave and John continue to vent about Tuesday’s argument. All are anxious for Tuesday so they can practice. The argument has created a sense of urgency to learn the new material.

November 10 -Kevin Acquires a Squire
After looking at a few different stores, Kevin and Dave go to Akron Music (against there better judgment) after work to find a pretty good deal on a Fender (Squire) Stratocaster for Kevin. It’s red. Kevin pays off the final amount. Along with the guitar, a case, chord, and stand are included. Kevin is a very happy camper and can’t wait to get home and play it.

November 14- The Return of Yoko
The band has a couple good practices and seems to be moving along at a consistent (not as rapid as we’d like) pace. Jesse brings his wife with him to practice to help watch their son Anthony. The tension is an invisible sponge that fills every crack in Kevin’s basement. Before too long Yoko announces how she will have us booked at the bar Kickin’ Country in two weeks. Everyone checks the tape on their gloves, puts their mouthpieces in, and prepares to enter the ring with Yoko for round two.
John grills Yoko on how to approach bars and other items that you learn from experience. Yoko is a very good carpet salesperson. She has graciously crammed her services right down everyone’s throat. To lighten things up, Dave puts forth the suggestion that Yoko gets us into kicking country, and John sets up everything else. This goes on deaf ears. The general lack of communication is glaring everyone in the face. It’s not that we doubt Yoko’s sales experience. The band believed “helping us” get into Kicking Country would amount to an introduction. This is never said, and a fairly lengthy discussion occurs between John and Yoko. I guess we’re just not sure an OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT WOMAN is the first impression we want.
Dave tries the back door route by suggesting to Jesse that had she asked if we wanted help, her efforts might’ve been better received.

November 17-Dave Starts of his Vacation with a BANG!
On his first day of vacation, Dave goes to Akron Music and plays almost every Fender amp made. He decides upon a 100 watt Fender performer 1000. It’s an early Christmas present to himself. John will no longer have to worry about hearing Dave again.

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