Pimping the Band

Pimping the Band

November 18 -John and Dave Pimp the Band
John calls Dave and they decide to take a look at the local circuit and see who’s interested in a new band. Dave and John basically flip a coin to break the tie over the name of the band (currently 2-2 over quick draw/six-shooter). They decide the name will be six-shooter. They hit the Red Dog Saloon. They get their foot firmly in the door. They need to provide the owner (Tammy) with a tape.

They drive to Dover to check out the Brass Rail Cafe. Even though it’s Saturday, the bar is closed (?!).

They visit the Hillside. They see the basic “mediocre” country band called “Country Crossroads.” The band has O.K. harmonies, but no real look. The bass player weighs about 300 pounds and has that “just got out of prison” look.

They visit Toots in Massilon to find it is currently being remodeled.

They visit another bar in Massillon that has changed from country to featuring “loser has been” bands such as “Kansas.”

They visit “The Outpost” where they hear the band Midnite Heat. This is the house band, and according to the drunken doorman, no one else plays the bar. John and Dave enjoy watching their bass player who is high on something. His face is stuck in a permanently surprised expression.

They go down the street to the Shenandoah (in Kent). They walk in and find the direct opposite of Country Crossroads. This band (Custom Country) has too much look. They all have black shirts and aqua bowling shirts. Most of the bands are in their 50s. It looks like Mom and Pop’s dork of a son is on guitar. They play some songs by Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chubby Checker. That is some custom country.

John and Dave find out the easiest way to get into the bar is to play at a benefit. There happens to be one on Sunday (eight days from now). It’s the same situation as a jam night. You’d do have to pay $10 to help with Dave “cowboy” Williams medical bills.

Dave gets hassled by some drunk truckers who hit on anything that breathes. They want Dave to play some “GEET-TAR.” They use all sorts of “no balls no glory” philosophy. Dave is in one inch of running on the stage and showing these pukes how a guitar is supposed to be played. The one thing that holds him back is the guitar players sound. It’s beyond suck. It sounds like the “ventures.” His sound is a very very clean, thin, absolutely no sustain to it at all. Dave would have to do a makeover on the guy’s amp just to be able to touch his telecaster without puking. Dave swallows his pride and decides to save it for another time. John and Dave burst into laughter as they exit the door to the sound of “Takin’ Care of Business.” Yep, that’s some custom country.

November 24 -Dave Develops a Logo
Using his knowledge of personal computer’s, Dave takes an idea of Kevin’s to work a guitar into the logo of the band. Dave takes about an hour to choose a font, and learn the software. The first crack at a logo looks like this:

Dave uses his vacation time to take write a bio for the band. Dave takes the logo to Graphic Enterprises on Wednesday and blows it up to an 18-24” poster that he hangs in Kevin’s basement. The band seems to agree it’s a pretty cool logo. The band holds it’s first ever Saturday practice on 11/25 in preparation for their first public outing at the Shenandoa bar on 11/26/95. The session lasts from 6-10:30. They decide on 15 songs to do for a set. They are:


Here is the marketing letter we would send to clubs

Six Shooter is:
Jesse -Drums
Kevin – Lead Vocals/Guitar
David -Lead Guitar/Vocals
John – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Musically Speaking
Six Shooter plays today’s new country music. Each member brings their own individual talents to the band to make six shooter a band that emerges a cut above the rest. The band can perform soft ballads, and yet fill a dance floor with today’s up-tempo boogies. The band listens to the top Country Radio stations to keep up with the new music, as well as make sure the recent chart-toppers aren’t forgotten. The band is mature enough to realize that you must play what the people want to hear.
Kevin’s vocals are the best around. While many bands adopt a southern accent that sounds phony, Kevin’s vocals have the polish and quality that must be heard to appreciate.
John bass playing has evolved from years of playing in complex jazz and blues bands. This allows him the versatility to duplicate any bass part. John’s previous occupation was working in a recording studio, as well as working for West World One radio. This assures you that not only will six shooter perform well, but the sound will be of professional quality.
Jesse’s drum playing is like no other. His background has lead him through many types of music. His playing is energetic and exciting, as well as rock solid.
David’s guitar playing is captivating. His years of playing have given him an arsenal of guitar licks that can last all night. His harmonies are the crowning touch to Kevin’s vocals.
The band was formed around four friends with a love of country music, and a love of playing live. This musical attitude is heard in the music, and seen on stage.

Many of the band members are in management position in their day jobs. They understand that you have a business to run. The band members have been in bands for many years. You can rest assured that you will never get a “no show” from six shooter.

In closing
We would appreciate a chance to play at your establishment in hopes of building a long prosperous business relationship. We hope you listen to our brief demo tape. We have also included our current song list. If you have any questions or would like to book six shooter you may contact John at (phone number), or Kevin at
(phone number). We thank you for your time.

Dave, Jesse, John, and Kevin

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