Dale Climbs on Board

Dale Climbs on Board

May 95 – Terry, and Dale

On May 2nd the band auditions Terry Hosner. While he has experience, vocal ability, and equipment, he does not share the same attitude or taste in music. The band also feels that his meter is a little loose. It’s back to the magic drummer tape.

On May 16th Dale is auditioned for the drummer position. Dale also has equipment, vocal ability, experience, and what appears to be the same taste in music. Dale (much like John) has played in numerous bands covering a wide variety of music. He (much like Dave) is looking to try Country as a new style of playing. Impressed with his ability to learn songs quickly, the band offers him the position on the spot. Dale has a few loose ends to take care of but thinks it’s about a 70% chance he will join the band.

A few ideas for a name are being kicked around. Such as:
Free Beer
Quick Draw
Ribbed for your pleasure.

The basic philosophy of the band is as follows:

To play popular country music, have fun doing it, realize we’re not moving to Nashville, play on the weekends, and make some cash.
We didn’t want to sound like a “lounge act” that plays 5 different styles of music. We were a country band playing today’s new country. We wanted to do our best to sound as close to the record as possible. Many of the current country bands sounded nothing like the original artist. We wanted to make sure before we played anywhere, we would not be embarrassing ourselves.

May 29 -Dale Climbs on Board
The news it out; Dale has decided to go with the band. We are now a foursome. We are ready to roll.

May 30th – Dale’s first practice (Strike One)
Dale shows up to practice with a tape of other songs he’d like to learn. Dale speaks how in his last band “Roadhouse” he sang 20 songs. While we wouldn’t mind him singing, Kevin’s main reason for being in the band is singing. Dale points out how he has a large practice room in his house. The practice was positive but cut slightly short due to Dale’s work schedule.

June 8th – Dale’s Second Practice (Strike Two)
Dale’s second practice. Dale brings an attitude with him to practice. It’s obvious to the band that Dale’s hasn’t practiced since the last meeting. He control’s what is practiced and what is not. The practice is cut short as Dale admits he isn’t as prepared as he thought. The band starts to question their drummer selection. There is talk of moving the practices to Dale’s house. The next practice will tell what the next move will be.

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