Birth of the Band

Birth of the Band

Band Mission:

To create a country band that sounds as close as possible to the original artist, while building a solid reputation for playing songs that are 100% country, in a spirit of fun, with a goal of monetary gain.


Practices will be where the individual members put together what they have learned during the period apart. Each member should be ready to play what was decided upon at the last practice.

To keep practice hours to a minimum, each member should have their instrument tuned and ready to play. The band will have a set agenda to focus on. Any deviation from the agenda is deeply discouraged. While it is the band’s goal to have fun, we must take the time together to seriously practice and get our songs into shape.

The band realizes that situations arise that force a cancellation of practice. The band has committed to this project, and it is their goal to keep schedules free for practice. As the world is not always predictable, when things stop you from being able to attend practice,  please notify the band members as soon as possible.

Drugs and Alcohol:

All members are to keep a level of sobriety to allow quality playing. The goal of the band is to sound like the record. Any abuse that stops one from reaching this level is prohibited.

The Drum Set Situation

The drum set costs $500. John, Kevin, and Dave purchased it. Jesse will be paying it off with the money we make from playing out. John and Kevin will get paid first. When John, Kevin, and Dave share equally in the drum set, the gig money will be split 3 ways to pay off the remaining debt. There will be no interest charged for the drum set.

Song Selection

The band’s focus is on the “New Country” Music sound. While many earlier southern rock artist sound similar, it is the general principle, if you have to question it’s appropriateness, than it is not appropriate. However, the band understands that there will be some songs that the audience demands to hear-regardless of its origin. These songs will be kept to a minimum.

March 95 -Birth

John Williamson and Kevin Huston have been discussing forming a country band for approximately 2 years. John has just wrapped up a 3 piece blues band. Kevin has never been in a band but has performed at Kareeokee nights to some acclaim. Upon hearing a tape of Dave Jackson one day at the office (Graphic Enterprises where all 3 work), Kevin asks Dave if he would be interested in joining John and himself.

Dave left his last band 10 years ago. He was born and raised on heavy metal but decides to join for the challenge of playing a new type of music. Their first practice is held in early March 1995 with John on Bass, Dave on guitar, and Kevin on vocals. A drummer named Jason was originally slotted to play drums but has changed his mind at the last second. They attempt to play to a small Casio keyboard with a few built-in drum parts. It’s very cheesy. All three decide to go ahead with the project.

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